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-: We have highly qualified security staff for any kind of company, stores, malls, government & private organization, industrial site and more .
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If you want to know about best security service in Nepal – Loyal Security is the best option.

We provide international standard of security operation system and services where we ensure to reduce the possibility of threats with the help of integrated system and professional guarding forces. With our knowledge, experience and skills we assure to protect your property against any unwanted invaders, attack and exploitation. We provide security services for corporate offices, industries, bank/financial institution, residential areas, farm house, hotel/resorts and so on.

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-: Your safety and security comes first

We have been serving the nation with various professional security services since many years. We proudly protect & manage security services for many MNC’s, international malls, Arcades shopping plazas, Government organizations, Non-Govt. organizations, hospitals, residential areas, educational institutions, events etc. Satisfied clients are our biggest achievements.

We know securing the valuable properties and protection is most important thing for you. Thereby, we offer security solutions that meets both your requirement and your budget. We take special care of every tiny need of our clients, focus on what kind safety and security works best for them, make foolproof plan and deliver the services.

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We are not just limited on providing Security personnel but we provide customized security solution that ensure the safety of your people and your assets.  Our experienced professional guards are well aware on handling critical security issues. We specialize in providing high quality security services and are trusted by many clients from all over the country.
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