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Must Have Qualities of a Good Security Guard!


Security Personnel Training

Security Guarding is a profession that holds huge responsibilities. From preventing robberies to armed attacks , they should be alert and ready for everything. Safety of business premises, hotels, big events, games, and infrastructure all rely on security personnel. Qualities of a Good Security Guard determines whether an individual is fit for this job or not.

If you are willing to become a security guard or hire someone for security guarding, there must be some certain characteristics and skill you must possess. Security guarding is also a good career choice with competitive salary and benefits.

Here are some certain characteristics or qualities that’ll help you choose or become a good security guard:


An individual who take care of security services must be ready to trust and be trusty. Security guards are suppose to work closely with employer so employer’s trust on them is very important. You should present yourself with full honesty, respect work, perform your level best and keep everything on time. Sense of integrity is must in this field.


Security Guard must be alert all the time. You should keep your sharp eyes on what is happening around you. Your sense should be able to identify any kind of risk way before it hamper to others. Guards have to be proactive, inspect the situation, be prepared and handle the situation quickly and effectively.

Qualification and Training

Security Guards should be able to communicate properly. They must be able to answer the call, write and operate different security related devices.
Training is must to become a security guard. You should be trained in real field to handle different situation. There are many companies like Loyal Security who train interested candidates to become a successful security guard.

Physical Fitness

Security guards have to be physically fit to perform their jobs. Sometimes they have to run here and there to check things, handle crowd, outrun a thief or a fight. To handle such situation guard must be strong and healthy.

Only the qualities won’t make security guards better ones. Qualities of a Good Security Guard is one part whereas personality is another. They should be well equipped, dressed and look smart.

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